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Passport, Permanent Resident, Citizenship, Firearms Licence, another size
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We are a registered commercial photo studio to provides professional Passport and ID photo service. Guaranteed quality for all our ID photo products and our service is reliable, comfortable.
*$12.99 is for one sheet, there are two identical pictures in one sheet. 
*If you have an ID photo need to be printed, please upload the digital photocopy, chose the "Quantity" correctly, "(One sheet with two pictures, "Quantity" chose 1. If you need 4 identical pictures, "Quantity" will be 2...... ), add to cart" check out. 
*The ID digital photocopy is not taken from U Red Deer Photography, please go to < Touchless ID Photo Service   >. The picture's back will keep blank, there won't have any photo information.
*If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]

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