Photo Restoration-Regular Package

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print professional picture for you!
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You may has an old family album with hundreds of photos that have suffered from the passage of time.
How to save these photos from decay?
How to make them look as if they were taken yesterday?
Yes, we can help these photos back to yesterday and help you keep these beautiful memories forever.

Photo Restoration -- Regular Package include:
-- The price is for one image. If you need more, please fill in the correct Quantity.
-- Fix the damaged spot. 
   (The damage level no more than 30% of the image. If more than that we will suggest to choose the Advanced Package.)
-- Slight stain.
-- Fix the photo fading and color correction. 
    (The fade level no more than 40% of the image, otherwise, we will suggest to choose the Advanced Package.)
-- Black & white or color rendition.
-- We will printing One - 8 x 10" professional level portrait sheet, with waterproof and UV protection coating.

How to process photo restoration service?

Step 1 : Under the natural light environment take a picture or scan the picture that need restoration.
Step 2 : Uploading the image at "Choose Options" / "Image upload". Choose the "Quantity", and then "ADD TO CART"; 
             or send your images by Email. The Email address: [email protected]
Step 3 : Once we received your order, we will contact to you by phone or email.
Step 4 : It will take some days to fix and edit your photos. Your patient is the best support for us. We will sending you the edited digital copy with watermark couple of times, until the photo is ready to print.
Step 5 : If you paid shipping fee online, the printed picture will shipping to you through Canada Post. 
             If you choose "Pick In Store", we'll save it for you until you come.

We will try our best to recover your photos, but there is no 100% perfect to be guaranteed.
Dear customer, once you complete online payment for our service, that's be considered to being the image's owner, you authorized U Red Deer Photography to provide the photo restoration service to the customer who set up the order. (The detailed information showed at check out payments.)

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