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We are a registered commercial photo studio to provides professional Passport and ID photo service. Guaranteed quality for all our ID photo products and our service is reliable, comfortable.
We do Canada Passport Photo, Permanent Resident, Citizenship, Visa, Firearms Licence, another countries' ID photo and any other size......
*Package includes two printed photos, digital photocopy,  passport protector. No extra cost for re-takes. Ready in minutes.

There are three ways to complete your baby's passport photos.

        1.Touchless Online passport photo service -- $25 / person

*This is a safe way to complete your baby's passport photo during COVID-19.
*No need for an appointment, and free shipping pictures to your place.
*Guaranteed quality. 
       2. In-studio service. -- $25 / person

*Professional photo studio deeply cleaned and sanitized. So we would like to suggest you to book an appointment ahead, to make sure we are prepared for you and your baby. 
*Pictures are ready immediately.
      3. On location service -- $48 / person
*After the baby is born, you may don't have the time and energy to drive around to have the picture done, our photographer will go to your location to take a passport photos for your baby. 
*Please do the payment online to set up an appointment.
*Mileage charge will be required if outside Red Deer.

How to do Touchless Online Passport Photo Service?

For faster processing and greater success of your prints, please follow the directions below:

· Cell phone camera in most cases is acceptable.

· Wear a dark shirt. If your baby couldn't sit up yet, please overlie your baby on a white background (i.e. white blanket or towel).

· Take the picture that includes your baby's chest, full shoulders, ears showing, neutral emotional face.

· Upload your picture(s) to our website.

· Provide your contact info: first and last name, cell or phone number, email, and shipping address.

· After check out and payment, your order will be processed. 

· You will be contacted once your photo(s) have been  reviewed, and printed to your size requirements.

· Free shipping.

For any questions or book an appointment,  call/text: 403-872-6766
[email protected]

Professional passport photo service for baby and child.
*10 years of success baby and children passport photos service. Our photographer is trained professionally way, comfortable, ready in a minute, guaranteed quality.

*We highly recommend online payment, this is the best way for less touch and keep you safe during COVID-19.  
  When you go to "proceed to checkout", don't forget to leave the appointment time notes you want to book with us. See below the image:

*We provide professional free consultation for you before you purchase our service.
Call / Text: (403)872-6766
Address: 98 Patterson Crescent, Red Deer, Alberta.

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