Commercial Portrait-Relax Package

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Free 1-combo portrait sheet
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Package includes:

-- Book an appointment or Walk-in.

--In-studio, half-hour session. (This session is for one person only. )

--2 of 5 x 7” HD Level prints and 2 of edited digital images. 

 (The prints and digital images can be different poses.)

-- Same background with two poses.

--Special effects like vignettes, black & white and sepia tone can be added all at no extra charge.

-- Free consultation for this photo session.

-- 10% off for order additional products and services.


-- For making an appointment, a minimum of 50% deposit is required, or payment in full amount for the photo session package that you have chose.

-- We require the full amount payment have to be paid at least 48 hours ahead of your appointment day, otherwise, your appointment will be cancelled.

-- The deposit will not be refunded for the customer no show, not completing the full amount paid for the photo session package.

-- You could contact us two business days ahead to reschedule the time prior to your appointment.

-- 15 minutes late for appointment is considered no show.

During your check-out and do the payment, please leave a note about the date and time you would like to book. You could contact us to confirm the time first,  or after you get the order number (Such as #AB-0000) from the check-out program. We will set up an appointment with the order number for you. Thank you.

Call/Text: 403-872-6766

Address: 98 Patterson Cres, Red Deer, AB

Email: [email protected]


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