Bronze Frame

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  • It's perfect for picture, arts...... 
  • Code:   070022
  • Name: Bronze Frame
  • Size:  W:6 cm, D:4.2 cm  
  • Material:resinous wood.
  • When you measure the size, please depend on your prints size by CM (Centimeter).
  • This is custom product,for do "Other size", please contact us to get price before you set up order. Email: [email protected]  
  • or Call/Text: 403-872-6766
  • Once you have the price, back to the website page. You will need to  fill the "Quantity" blank that the price is. For example: the price is $80, choose the "Quantity" is 80. 
  • Please following the direction to finish your order. 
  • Custom frame will take around 31 days to produce. Your patient is the biggest support for us. Thank you.
  • The price that page marked is undetermined price, not actual price. 

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